AUD Version 7

Model Feature Filter

AUD Version: [edit]

AUD Version 7

Model Filter: [edit]

The Model Filter is an addition to the Dashboard and Quick Info menus which allows users to filter models based on one or more model attributes.

To open the Model Filter, click on the Model Filter button next to the feature name in the feature pane of either the Dashboard or Quick Info menus. The menu will also open automatically if selecting the Model Name attribute in the feature info panel of these menus.

The Model Filter menu will then open. Clear any unwanted filters with the "clear filter" button next to the field. Select desired attribute criteria from the fields. The panel below will display only models which match all of the selected filter criteria.

Select a model from the model list of this menu to change the selected feature to that model.

Filterable fields are configured in the Industry Model by an AUD configuration administrator at your utility.

Model Feature Video: